LakeDale Innovation Centre

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

LakeDale Innovation Centre will develop proven technology and expertise to enable financial institutions and mobile payments organisations to offer a wide range of mobile payment services to their customers. The centre will research and develop advanced technologies meant to serve and promote the mobile banking payment sector which employs hundreds of thousands of people in the technology field.

LakeDale Global Development Advisors will open a technology research and development centre on mobile payments in Lagos, Nigeria in September 21012. The Centre will focus on the development and testing of mobile banking and payments solution for the mobile payments sector.

With nearly 3,000 mobile handsets in the market and about 100 operating systems, there is the need for a top rated research and development centre that focuses on specific issues that are pertinent to the development of this sector.

LakeDale Innovation Centre will research and develop systems capabilities for partners with sophisticated banking and payments requirements as well as for those working in less developed territories with limited banking and payments infrastructures.

The establishment of this R&D centre by LakeDale Global Development Advisors is the first step in its comprehensive plan that aims to expand the scope of exports on mobile payments services. The Innovation centre will promote good practice and strengthen the delivery of mobile payment solutions.

LakeDale Innovation Centre will forge strong links with universities and leading research centres in Europe and North-America and would assist in training young graduates. Our intention is to work with international partners in India, Africa and the Asia Pacific region.

We are now looking for strategic investors to provide the seed fund to establish this leading global research and development centre for the mobile payments sector.

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