Investments Opportunity,Transport Sector

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

We are an INVESTMENT PLATFORM, established in 2018 for aggressive profit growth on investment under a transportation company.

We are established in 2018 as INVESTMENT PLATFORM for investors to earn ROI of 15% annually from a transportation company by allowing your money work for you. All investment are secured and risk-free, we offer wealth creation opportunities through a distinctive investment services as the funds are focused on investments in Transportation.

We set out to make investing more efficient in our transportation growth circle. With our platform, investors ROI can get a boost of 15% annually.

Competitive Advantage

Our investors gets their ROI monthly, (ie) the total amount invested plus 15%, divided by 12 months. Alternatively the investor can also receive ROI annually if so desired.

We have few buses already, and due to demands, we are seeking investors to allow us provide more buses as we are already in the business.

Rationale for the deal

Every invested capital will be insured
Every invested capital starts earning within 10days of investments, as we are ensuring your money works for you.
We have been into the business for 3/4 years, so we have gained experience to generate profits for any invested funds.

Use of financing

The required funding is needed for purchase of new vehicles.

Opportunity for the investor

Every investments are being payback monthly within the duration of 12 months (1 year).

ROI = 15% + Capital, divides by 12 months for monthly payments.

Our investors will be silent.

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