Luxury Start-Up Travels Business Looking for Debt/Equity Investment

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

A luxury travel company serving a discerning clientele of travelers/organizations with deluxe shuttle service, corporate pick-up service, staff bus operations.

A luxury travel business serving a distinct clientele of top-level travellers.

Target Market
Top Executives, Celebrities, Top-Level Travelers and Corporate Organizations.

Revenue Generation Model
Daily revenue from 20 Inter-City Deluxe Shuttle Buses. Monthly revenue from 4 modified mini buses for corporate and airport pick-up and 4 medium buses for starting Staff Bus Operations.

Project Justification
This project does not have much competition in Nigeria because virtually no one else is offering the kind of exclusive luxury transport service we plan. What the generality of transport operators in Nigeria do at present is ferry people from one point to the other without caring for their comfort.

Progress on the Project
We already have experience in this field. All we require now is the funding and about 2-3 months to purchase the buses and put all other infrastructure on ground. Then, we start.

Funding Needs
We require US$1,250,000 (30% as equity from the investor and 70% as loan).

Offering to the Investor
30% Shareholding in the business. 10-year repayment period. 15% ROI.

Competitive Advantage

Direct and indirect competitors
Direct competitors are the operators who offer general transportation services without luxury features.
Indirect competitors are non-existent.

How are we different and better than them?
The difference between us is clear and overwhelming. We offer a special, luxury service tailored at top-level travelers, celebrities and corporate organizations while our competitors target the low-end travelers who, obviously, are more in number. We cater for about 35% of the travel market in Nigeria who can pay a higher fare for quality service.

Is our advantage sustainable? Can our success be repeated by competitors?
Definitely we can sustain our advantage because we have a crop of qualified and experienced staff to drive the service.
Competitors can repeat our success but not up to 100%. We have the original idea so if competitors come in to offer a service we formulate and pioneer, such will only be an imitation. The original recipe belongs to us.

Rationale for the deal

What is the opportunity
Our opportunity lies in the fact that we are the pioneers. We shall build a brand loyal clientele who will stick with us for long.

How are we going to make money out of it?
We will make money out of this opportunity because it is a service that holds the back-bone of the economy. People must travel from one place to the other and when the service is superior, it makes better customer sense.

Are other market players making money from a similar opportunity?
None that we know of because no other player is offering the type of service we plan to offer.

What is our experience in this business area?
I have run a deluxe inter-city travel service between 750 km range for 4 years now. Also, I have over 25 years experience in automotive sales, especially in buses and trucks.

Use of financing

What is the funding needed for?
Funds are required to purchase 30 units of buses to run our deluxe inter-city shuttle service (20), corporate/airport pick-ups (4) and Staff Bus Operations (4 Medium Buses).

What is your reason for seeking finance?
Because we do not have the funds ourselves. We need support of a participatory investor who will own some shares in the business.

How many rounds of financing do you envisage?
One round only.

Opportunity for the investor

Overall equity/loan amount is US$1,250,000. Payback Period is 10 years at 3% interest rate.

Investor will hold 30% shares of the business while 70% will be the loan portion repayable in 10 years at 3% annual interest.

Are you looking for a hands-on investor or a silent investor?
Silent investor preferred but will sit on the Board as Director.

Desired Investment Instalment Schedule
One full investment at once desired.

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