Seeking Investors For A Startup Transport Company In Nigeria.

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

We are a startup company providing transportation services across 5 endorsed routes in Nigeria, with impressive daily returns on investment.

We are creating wow experience for travellers in Nigeria. We aim to provide transportation services from Lagos across 5 endorsed routes in Nigeria, generating impressive daily returns on any investment, and expand into Accra, Ghana and other neighbouring countries within 2 years of operation.
With committed staff and trained drivers, we will digitalize the sector by eliminating park queues and allowing prospective clients to book services through a mobile app to be launched. Our GPRS tracking coupled with mandatory speed limits will monitor every progress of our fleet on each route and provide real time feedback. Our target audience is the low and medium earning Nigerians who constitute almost 80% of the travelling population.
The benefits of our products and services are:
We employ only professional drivers with the safest driving records while providing excellent customer care services at all times.
We provide reliable, timely, and safe transportation services that meet international standard.
We always ensure that our vehicles and equipment are in the best conditions possible.
We offer different payment options including point of sales terminal (POS) pre and post-paid services.
We encourage continual communication between our clients and us to enable us serve them better.
All our services are offered at the best possible price.
Our keys for Success are:
Reliable, timely, and safe transportation services that meets international standard.
Use of experienced and highly disciplined professional drivers.
Customer service that emphasizes service, convenience and maximum satisfaction.
Multiple and flexible payment system.
Our vision for the company are
Our company is set to be Nigeria’s leading transportation service provider with key emphasis on safety, customer service excellence, convenience and maximum comfort.
Our mission for the company includes the following:
The mission is to provide reliable, timely and safe transportation services by using complete use of POS, along with computer aided dispatch.
The management team is bringing into the business:
Highly experienced and disciplined yet polite professional drivers.
Sound and available fleet of vehicles in good working conditions.
Capacity to consistently provide excellent and high quality, timely and safe transportation services that meets international standard.
Flexible, affordable and customer friendly services.
Effective cost management while offering the exceptional and high quality products and services.
Our staff brings operational, marketing and promotional skills to the business.
We are in the process of incorporating the company and have identified our operational spot. The funding we require is to purchase our fleet of buses and to take care of other expenses. We are offering 10% equity for $250, 200.00 worth of investment. The company is expected to break even in a year and half of operation.

Competitive Advantage

Our dream is to be a dominant transportation company in Nigeria and the West African sub-region and overtime maintain such position from the following competitive advantages and barriers to entry:
Our use of highly experienced and disciplined yet polite professional drivers in a sector still largely dominated by uneducated and unprofessional staff. Plus our pricing and tracking policies make us to be ahead of rivals. Also, we make use of the latest, state-of- the- art vehicles, facility and equipment and techniques while also having the best pricing policy in the market.
Our services are flexible, very speedy and well managed as we strive to maintain close relationships with our customers to maximize operating efficiencies.
The above stated advantages make us different from other players in the industry and our research has shown that people in our target audience now leverage on technology. This we will incorporate wholly into our operations to make them more flexible so we can sustain our market advantage over our competitors.

Rationale for the deal

The deal is to finance the startup of a transportation company with potential to be worth over $900,000,000 in few years’ time while also becoming the leading transportation company in West Africa. The people in our target market are loyal to convenient pricing and assurance of safe arrival at their destinations. We have the best pricing policy in the market and employ tested professionals who value the essence of human life. Some top players in the industry are leveraging on technology. We will also do this and ensure that convenience means our customers can actually use our services without visiting our office first, and we will engage them on social media to attend to their needs 24/7.

Use of financing

The funds received from investors will be used to purchase our fleet of buses as well as other expenses such as office space, insurance, stationeries and contingency. We will contain costs as much as possible.

Opportunity for the investor

We are offering 10%-15% company equity for N90, 000,000 ($250,200) of investment into our company based on valuation. This is however negotiable with investors. We are offering also the option of first buyout of the investor’s equity by the founders in the case of exiting the business. Dividends are payable annually. We do not need an investor hands-on although we are not opposed to the idea. All other modalities of investor interest will be discussed with the investor.

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