Setting Up a World Class Customised InterState Transport Company

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

I am planning to establish a World Class InterState Transport Company. I'm Seearching for a partner to support Financially

Nigeria As know is the most populated black and 7th Largest in the world has transformed itself into a good economic hub due to the stable governance among the sub regions an now investment center of choice. To meet the existing demand, we are planning to start a world class transport system to rival the existing ones.

We’re going to serve the entire population with a new dimension of transpotation as compare to the existing ones. We plan operating both individual and company transporting.

For the start it will require at least 20 Fleets of vehicles to meet up with customers expectation. And 5 fleets monthly to be added for certain period.

Though there are other big names in the same industry, we intend to make a difference, especially in the tickecting, boarding excess lauguage handling. Also periodically to offer package advantageous to the public.

Competitive Advantage

Though there are other big names in the same industry, we intend to make a difference, especially in the ticketing and boarding aspect...

Rationale for the deal

A typical Transport Company setup consists of the following:

• Room/office etc.
• Computer and Server set-up including various software.
• Broadband Connectivity, preferably a leased line.
• At least 4 IT technicians/engineers for each shift.
• At least one person with managerial skills (Team Leader) for each shift.
• Educated workforce young people ready to work in shifts.
• In most cases, English language skills, at least good reading and writing skills.

A building is available on rent and is not to be bought or constructed.

Use of financing

Resources Required for:

• Rented or purchase building as our corporate office.
• Purchase or rented spaces for state parks and branches
• Fleets for Transporting The Passenger's
• Professional Website with a database
• Workstations.
• Company Registration

Opportunity for the investor

Either debt or equity investment, preferably equity investment.

Total investment in would be approximately $150,000 to $200,000

As our partner we will provide you profit of up to 50% after the first quarter, and up to 30% of the profit each quarter afterwards.

If any investor is interested to become our partner then we will share 10% of the total company profit for a lifetime.

If you have your own proposal, please feel welcome to share it with us.

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