Investment Project for Modern Fishing Terminal and Fish Processing

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Develop a modern fishing port because there is none in the project region and set up infrastructure to enhance domestic commercial fishery, fish products and processing.

The project is in two stages:
(a) Feasibility Studies for development of a modern fishing port
(b) Architecture and Engineering Designs, Preparation of Bill of Quantities and Contract Documents for Site Layout, Jetty, Shore Protection Structure, Fish Processing Factory, Warehouse, Waste Treatment Plant, Fuel Storage and Supply Facility, Internal Roads and Rail Network, Security Building and Perimeter Fencing and Port Administration Building. DURATION 12 to 18 Months.

2. CONSTRUCTION: Contract award for the construction of a fishing port and related infrastructure outlined above. DURATION 24 to 36 Months.

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Competitive Advantage

There is no fishing port in the immediate country and those in nearby states are underdeveloped and insufficient to cater to the monthly traffic of over 1,500 domestic and foriegn fishing Vessels in need of modern fishing ports and facilities in the region. A modern fishing port and fish product and process infrastructure holds the key to the rapid development of a sustainable and profitable fisheries sector in the region estimated at over USD $2billion per annum.

Rationale for the deal

To seize the initiative in a sustainable, profitable investment in a region with great need for it with assurance of rapid return on investment in the world's leading emerging market with a positive outlook for the future.

Use of financing

Financing or 80% of the cost of start up is required for consultancy and construction stages.

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