Investment Needed for A Green Project for Milk Collection in Pakistan

I have retired from Agriculture and have 40 years of experience in this field and want to put up this project of my own. I have green project of Milk Collection.

Undergarment Export Brand Looking for Equity Investment to Expand

The funding will be required to expand and grow in bigger volume. I would like to offer 49% share in the company. We need further investment instalment of 1000000 Rs.

One of the Biggest Iron Ore Deposit Owners in India Seeks Partner

This economically potential Iron-Ore deposit is situated at Chaghi Balochistan, Pakistan, which is absolutely the best opportunity for investors.

Established Cambridge Examination Preparation Center in Pakistan

We are looking for an investment of $5000 for a period of 1-2 years and we can offer the investors a 40% share in profit.

Geologically Proven Iron Ore Project in Need of Investment

We feel lucky holding legal possession of 2000 acres of Iron Ore deposit, geologically proved, where hundreds of millions tons of iron ore mining deposits are buried under the s...