Biofuels Start-Up from Pakistan Is Looking for an Equity Investment

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

We have an endeavour for a greener, cleaner and energetic Pakistan. We are a biofuels start-up positioned as a game changer in the energy industry.

Our biofuel is a company that efforts to promote recycling, agriculture and foreign raw materials purchase for the production biodiesel and pharmaceutical glycerine from vegetable oil. We are registered under the companies’ act 1984 based in Hyderabad, Pakistan, Involved in the production of 20TPD of bio-diesel from waste vegetable oil and animal fat.

We use the latest technology at its best. Our process has demonstrated that enzymes are an exciting catalyst using less energy and fewer chemicals. Further boost of resin technology for refining to international standards results in cost effective process compare to traditional catalysts. The most attracting benefit of enzymes technology is in the way it handle range of economical feed-stock making enzymes a business-wise practical path for biodiesel producers.

Competitive Advantage

Scalability: Designed for multiple phases of fast and cost effective expansion/replication

High Performance product: Lower emissions, improve lubricity and fuel performance. Specs meet and exceed industry standards (ASTM)

Flexible Production: Multiple feedstock including low quality; easily adjustable product volumes

In-house developed Proven technology: No ongoing licensing fee, O & M cheaper and convenient, technology easily modified to handle multiple feedstock

Use of financing

Funding is to be utilized for commissioning and financing start-up inventory.

Opportunity for the investor

Raising Rs. 5 Million as preferred equity. Target rate is 30%

Term 1-2 years. Callable/Put-able. Cumulative.

HIGHLIGHT: Imbedded in the offer is an Option to convert preference equity into common after successful commissioning and Q1 financials. Planned offering = 30% common shares @ PKR15 Million.

Projected Return on Equity (ROE) is 65%

Interested investors can contact us on Merar Meeting Place.

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