Investment Project for Global Online Banking Software

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Investment Opportunity

An online banking software to cater for the global banking requirements targeting the highly advanced banking operations.

The main theme for this application is to make a very very robust application which allows any bank to register, upload its data, make suitable settings/configurations and avail features of their choice apart from the minimal set of features that the application provides to every bank. The investor's revenue is generated by every registration performed on our site and it would be done through credit card.This is going to be a very very dynamic application since it'll be handling thousands of customers/bank employees and hundreds of banks at a time.


Here is a list of features that this application offers,

1. Fully online system.
2. High level of security at Operating System level, Database level and Application Level.
3. A user's online account with maintenance of their accounts,ledgers,bank statements etc.
4. Bank Statement generation with selectable frequency like weekly,monthly,yearly.
4. User rights as per their role, e.g bank manager,employee etc to restrict unauthorized use of the system.
5. Highly cost effective.
6. Conitnuous automatic data backup operations on our servers. The bank staff would not be made to take backups since
it would be done by our auotmated scripts running at the backend. However if the bank wants it done by themselves, we
would keep that option open.
7. Report generation in desired formats, we shall cover at least Excel and PDF formats.

For this application, the interested banks would have to follow a proper data format specified by us, e.g They might be allowed to show up with CSV files. Afterwards,
we shall import that data into our system and let the users enjoy their authorities.

Duration : 12-14 months
Contact us on Merar if you are interested investors.

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