Language Centre in Pakistan

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Pakistan is the emerging nation in the field of education. Every Pakistani dreams to speak English language. There are other institutions and university programs that are offering foreign language courses. But after a lot of research this truth has been clarified that no institute can fulfill the requirements of language learning. Our project is the One.

Our Project is a technology-based Solution for foreign language learners. We use computers and a well-equipped environment to teach the English language and to build the confidence.

Our curriculum is not based on a traditional course-ware. We use the best computer program that is approved and well-known in the field of higher education worldwide.

In Pakistan people are paying a big money to their educational carriers but unfortunately they have no opportunity to appear them selves as a successful people because of a loss of literacy and education.

We are going to start an English Language Center in the whole country for the purpose of better understanding of the modern world.We are so confident that once this project will be launched it will spread itself all over because if the other institutes with no good reputation can earn their livings why not Us. The Best.

Our first step is to open a single branch in the heart of Islamabad City, Pakistan. We have a highly educated staff and have seen the site for the purpose.

The Investor of this Project will get the ownership of this project and will be the director and first-priority man to order and share-taker.

Competitive Advantage

There are less than few centers who are providing the English Language Course. These are minimal and working as a single entity.My project's first aim is to spread with the incoming sources to its full extent and as I have told you before this is a latest solution here in Pakistan.

I have already given up the 1 week free trial services to the public with my low spending on the advertisement and a single PC.Some 86 males and 79 females students have participated in the months of June and July.I have their contact details and They all are willing to study on a regular basis.The result was more than I had considered.

The only thing to fill the vacuum is the need of investment as soon as possible to bring-up this beautiful elephant kid. I am definitely sure this will bring a great cause here.

Rationale for the deal

People came from different places in Islamabad to take a free 1 week trial of my special program when I had advertised on the newspaper Daily Jang with my very low budget. More than 700 people have called us from long distances and other cities in this region for information. So this idea evolved that the demand of this project is significantly large. We will spread and develop new branches in the other places as well in near future.

I have planned a fee structure after taking the surveys from the conditional students and by researching and comparing with the other institutes.Than I have come to the point that USD 200 can be charged for each student for 120 hours of study.( 2 hours daily for 3 months,weekdays)
There will be 6 classes in a day, each class of 2 hours.from 9to9. Each class will consist maximum of 20 students at a time.So, We can accommodate 120 students at the beginning.

I have already a list of 165 total of students without much advertising, that are willing to know the admission and starting date. If we start a proper advertising campaign, I am definitely sure that will enormously increase the potentials.

As an estimate, 120 students pay USD 200 that will make USD 24000 for three months. In which we will pay for total of 3 months of USD 600 for the electricity bills, USD 4500 pay for the 3 teachers, USD 600 for receptionist, 300 for office boy or guard. For the rough idea, the Profit is USD 18,000 at least. And our program is not that much limited!

Use of financing

Now we have come to the real part. Islamabad is a capital of Pakistan. The opportunity is endless.
1- we need a space of 2250 sq.ft (minimum requirement) on rent or lease. That should be in the Blue Area or Jinnah Super Market.Which are the well-known places and highly suitable for us. That will cost approx. USD 5000 for the 6 months advance rent and security deposit.
2- Minimum of 11 computer systems, which will cost approx. total of USD 2000.
3- One big LCD of 42" cost approx. USD 800.
4- For Maintenance of electricity, water supply, sewerage, Furniture (chairs, long tables, white boards, reception table, office equipments, stationary) and other furnishings which include Big Posters, Paints, Books at library reck. seats, flooring etc. to maintain the entire environment.
It will cost USD 2500.
5- The left money will be put into Advertising Compaigns. on newspapers Cable network, Internet and marketing companies.
These are the minimal requirements to a very start-up of a single and a first branch.
Project file can be provided on demand.

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