International Standard School for Middle Income People in Pakistan

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

I am interested in establishing a school for middle income people. The school will serve students from Class/grade 5th to 10th.

The school will be located on 20000 sq meter area and having constructed area of 5000 having 50 class rooms along with labs, library, gym, playing areas, offices etc. The total expected number of students could be 2000.

The average fee will be 25 US dollar per month. The total revenue would be US$ 50000 per month and US$ 600,000 per annum. The net saving would be around US$ 200,000 per annum from 4th year. the fist year would be loss, 2nd year would be break even, 3rd year start profit and from 4th year earning would be around US$ 200,000. The pay back period would be 5th year and no expected loss for rest of the time.

Ready to buy back after 5th year or keep paying the profit for ever at agreed percentage.
The area selected is ideal, There is no purpose built school at modern lines in the area. The School will be having enough area for playing etc which other school don't have. The school will hire the best facullty which the other school is lacking. The best think is that I have at least eleven years of experience of running school in Peshawar successfully.

The nest advantage over other Private schools is that I am highly educated person having done my Charterted Accountancy/CPA and having very good credential and repute.

Interested investors can contact us on Merar.

Competitive Advantage

Listed above in the investment project profile.

Rationale for the deal

This is a great opportunity as the Govt is not been able to provide schooling to the incraesing population and there is no business tricks is required.

The sources is only One and that is the receipt from students which is known and the main expenses is salaries which cannot be overstaed, electricity/othe utility bills which cannot be changes. So ther is very remote chances of fugging in accounts.

Use of financing

For consrtruction of building and purchase of Charis, Tables and other equipments for labs, library etc along with advertisemnet etc.

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