Distributor of Intelligent Motor Controller Starters Seeks Investor

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Fixed speed AC induction motor can benefit by utilizing the product as a soft starter and as well as device for energy conservation & optimization.

The product caters for a number of industrial sectors where electricity is being wasted. Motors are the world's largest consumer of electrical energy, accounting for 70% of all industrial electricity used.

Not surprisingly they are found literally everywhere and are utilized in the manufacture and supply of almost every product we purchase. Incredibly however, motors are also the world's largest abuser of energy.

Competitive Advantage

Motors are unable to intelligently match the power consume to the job of work they do. In many applications much of the energy consumed is unnecessarily wasted in the form of excess heat, vibration and noise.

This can create further problems, which can be time consuming and expensive to repair. Now at last, by using our technology, you can dramatically improve overall efficiency providing a safer and more reliable operation with substantial reductions in both energy consumption and maintenance costs.

Rationale for the deal

Currently in the market only soft starter are available. Whereas has multiple has multiple functions alongwith soft starting such as energy saving.

Use of financing

Short of financing.

Opportunity for the investor

We are looking for 50% or 100% investment. Payback period projected to be 24 months.

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