Bio Fuel Based Power Generation System Saving 70% Fuel Minimum

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

The project is very smart in terms of technology and rate of returns. The basic idea is to generate power with lessor fuel consumption. In other words, this is a new generation project, the zenith of energy conservation.

EBM Energy Pakistan is a company interested in starting a new power generation project in Pakistan. We achieved our aim to reduce the cost of fuel by inventing a system based on a new technology that can save minimim 70% of fuel.

The Flywhell technolgy makes the system unique in comparison to other available systems for remote site in the world.

The opportunity for the investor is to share 50% of the complete ownership in the company. The cash payback period is 1 and half years.

The current market of these system refers to the urgent need of power generation in Pakistan and worldwide. We can outsource parts of the system and then assemble them in Pakistan. Considering the energy crisis persisting in the last three years the project will take advantage of the huge potential of Paksitan in the sector.

The project is at prototype development stage and needs funding to produce starting models to be sold to get advance booking from the market. Additional funding is required for the assembly workshop and the commercial product production.

Competitive Advantage

The product is competitive and has no substitute on the market. It is developed around an entirely new concept, based on our past experience.

Rationale for the deal

The project represents an attractive opportunity. Market reseach confirms the high potential of the system as this saves almost 2/3 of fuel as compared to current conventaional gen sets available in the market. We will be focusing at power generation form 1 kw to 100 kw in first stage of business. In the second stage we will produce from 150 kw to 150 mw.

Use of financing

Seed capital investment is needed. There is no self-financing except the capital used for prtototype research and experiments.

The investment required is only 100,000 USD in the first three months. Before commercail launch balance funds will be required for assembly workshop and working capital such to cover costs such as inventories and payables.

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