Geologically Proven Iron Ore Project in Need of Investment

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

We feel lucky holding legal possession of 2000 acres of Iron Ore deposit, geologically proved, where hundreds of millions tons of iron ore mining deposits are buried under the surface. We are seeking a well reputed national / international investor who wishes to have their own Iron Ore deposits and avail an opportunity of regular returns from production and to develop this treasure in the right path.

This economically potential Iron-Ore deposit is situated at Chaghi Balochistan, Pakistan.

Going straight for planned mining to get quick return on investment, Chaghi Metallogenic zone is the dynamic mineral zone for investors of the world where several world class multinational groups of companies are holding giant mineral deposits of gold-copper-lead-zinc-nickel-iron in billions of tons and still 90% of this Metallogenic zone remains unexplored with several trillions of tons hidden natural mineral resources.

This is absolutely the best chance for you - we assure you will get 100 times more than the initial investment.

Competitive Advantage

With efficient production and exploitation of the ore deposit, we will have no direct competitors.

Opportunity for the investor

Our investors will have a lifetime opportunity to have their own mining lease for mineral business.

The second option will be to assist us in finances under certain terms and conditions in use all over the world. Our terms and conditions are not so hard and fast. We rather encourage our investors and keep very less benefit ratio in the beginning stages until our investors gain their capital investment fully returned with agreed benefits. Also, we agree on the investor choice as to what procedure and working mechanism he likes to develop, the same will be our choice too.

We are proud of inviting you to join hands with us to turn this potential wealth into usable profit and cooperation doors from our side will always remain fully opened for you.

We are expecting to hear from you. If you have any type of question in this regard we warmly appreciate the same.

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