Investment Required for Power Projects in Pakistan

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

We are Pakistan based Engineers established since 1980, working as Consultants, Designers, Contractors and our specialized fields are Power Generation from all types of sources. We are also well experienced in Real Estate, High Rise Buildings, Telecommunications, Transportation, etc.

The aim to write you this mail i.e. some of our clients in Pakistan from private sector intend to install power projects from renewable sources of Energy as Solar, Wind, Solar-Wind Hybrid etc. In the matter, our different clients have owned the Lands, which should be used as proposed sites of the projects in the various parts of the country. These clients have been obtained Licenses, Permits and Certificates from the Government of Pakistan and related Ministries and Departments to install the power projects in Pakistan.

Now our clients are searching for the investment to start the projects with an equity ration of 40:60. It means our clients have in hand the 40% of the total estimated cost of the project and rest of 60% is needed from you as an investment.

The nature of this investment is upto you, if you like to invest as a partner, it is accepted by the client or if your investment will be a form of loan then our clients are also agreed on it.

Right now we are working on more than 06 projects in Pakistan, two projects are Mega projects of 50MW Wind Power and other four are small projects from Wind, Solar, Hydro, Bio-Fuel etc, so therefore, the minimum investment required for one small power project is almost USD 10 Millions for 23Mw Hydropower and highest investment needed is for 50Mw Wind power as USD 70 Millions.

Please let us know your comments and views about our request. On your further interest, we will forward you the detailed information about the project or projects.

Investors can reach us on Merar for more information.

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