Amusement Park Project

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

My idea is unique and quite attractive with an effort to provide Standard and Satisfaction by including modern tools and technology in my Amusement Park..

In this era of where the terrorism, poverty, diseases, hunger, depression, unemployment, economic crisis, materialistic life, crimes, hate, wars, lack of peace and security have taken place. I want to provide entertainment in my way. By that we may able to see happiness, relaxation, joy, excitement on the faces and spirit to live of my Nation that has been lost somewhere. And also we may able to motivate and courage my people to fight against these odds and problem that I have explained above. Even we may try to let them feel that they are alive, part of the world and have the same rights to enjoy their lives as every human has on this world.

I do need investment for it. Its a business as well as an effort to provide services with standard. And what i have explained above. Its a millions of dollars project. I am looking for a investor or a team of investors even may be a group of investors. It is just a seed so no progress now. Looking for the investment to start it..It not necessary that we can launch this project only in Pakistan but anywhere where people do need it.

Competitive Advantage

There is not competitor now in the market..

Rationale for the deal

We can discuss it in a detail.

Use of financing

We can talk on it as well.

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