The First Online TV in Pakistan

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Y Online Tv will be the first news-oriented web television to cater positve news for the positve viewers in Pakistan solely on the web.

The rapid increase in Internet users, the low cost of Internet facilities and the availability of talent in Pakistan encourage us to launch a proper News WebTV to cast positve news and detailed information about various events online. Right now in Pakistan there is no news webtv at all. Therefore, Y Online TV will become the first web TV. ROI will be expected in the 36th month. Potential investors and companies from all over the world who are willing to invest in Pakistan are invited to participate in this project. Relaxed regulatory terms for Web TV and financial securities are available.

Contact us on Merar and we will provide you with additional information on the project, including competitive advantage, rationale of the deal and use of financing.

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