Looking for Investment in a New Halal Foods Chain in the Middle East

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

This business will specifically target the Muslim audience. We will be offering a menu of local dishes that are not available at chains such as KFC or McDonalds.

The plan is to first start a restaurant in Islamabad and then launch two or three more in major cities of Pakistan. We will offer dishes fully matching the strict taste of the local people which is very traditional as they have never had a restaurant such as KFC or McDonald.

Such a food chain offering traditional menu will see its profits swell up in its very early stages. This is a very ambitious project with a very high rate of profit annually. This project is of a magnificent scale and could only be accomplished with your assistance. Everything else will be managed by us, only the investment is required from an external investor.

Competitive Advantage

This new restaurant business will have none to very little competition in the beginning as no other restaurants offer such types of food.

Use of financing

The funds will be needed to open the very first branch in this chain of restaurants that will be opened simultaneously. We will offer a unique blend of different traditional foods in the best presentable manner possible.

Opportunity for the investor

Participating in this business is a very good opportunity for the investor as once they invest they need not to worry about anything else at all as it will be managed by us. The investor’s share of the profit will be equal to their share in the capital.

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