MNC Distributor Needs Short-Term Investment with 54% ROI

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

I am a distributor of an MNC’s products. I need investment for period of 20 days in which I will keep them in stock in order to sell them at a higher price afterwards.

I have a distribution business which is on the market for 60 years. I inherited it from my father and already have 23 years of experience in it.

We are appointed distributors of an MNC and we are the only company to sell stocks on their behalf. I need funding for working capital for just 20 days until the price increases. We will store some stocks and after budget sell them at the new higher price. We will share the price fluctuation at a 40 to 60 ratio.

I require an investment just for 20 days. After the price windfall I will return you the money you invested. Based on past experiences I calculated that if you invest than you will earn a ROI of roughly 50% per year.

If interested please contact me on Merar.

Competitive Advantage

• Exclusive distribution rights for the products
• 60-year old brand and extensive experience in the business

Opportunity for the investor

I need cash just for 20 days which I will return immediately afterwords. I can provide a subentiall return of around 15 lacs on 5 crore in just 20 days. Therefore, I think this is pretty much a good opportunity. Annual ROI comes out to be 54% .

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