Well Known Catering Provider With a Good Reputation Needs Investment

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Catering business has proven itself to be very profitable, so I am willing to expand this business on a much higher level. I need a business loan to support this idea.

This project was started by my father Mr Haji Irshad Malik.
This bussiness has been started for 28 years by my father.

The catering business has proven itself to be very profitable and after a short period of time this project will bring even more еarnings.
At the moment this bussiness is worth more than 15000 dollars with a trend to become more lucrative.

Competitive Advantage

Мany of the catering service providers are dealing with the most expensive setups, but compared to the others, we are providing catering only.

Our products are on the most reasonable prices.

Rationale for the deal

This time we need an investment of $ 20000 for expansion and development of our business.

The money invested will be returned in the form of a month payment from 1000 $ and 25% of the profit will be given to the investor untill the invested amount is returned.

Use of financing

For purchasing food, paying for the delivery services and upgrading our offices.

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