Online Cyber Country Seeks Investors

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

By creating a cyber country with many facets to it, reaching a large audience because of its interesting integration and existence in the real world as a real country with a constitution and citizens etc. So there will be products mostly ethnic handicrafts for starters to help the industry and grow, creating a large global community, thus a voice.

The first phase of the site will be the handicraft gallery, with its unique customising option.

Then the newsletter and radio station which will be the first ever-online radio station open to global live interactivity

The idea is to support all independent candidates of all industries

There will be a designer label with customising options

A community centre that helps connect to the right institution anyone in trouble

A gaming zone, as well as un-build areas of the country that the citizens can get involved in helping create.

We will represent, support and protect our citizens, as should any country.

The idea is too expansive for small amounts of money as compromising quality of products or software is not an option.

Domain name is already selected -

Interested investors can contact us with PM.

Competitive Advantage

Nothing like it on the internet yet

Rationale for the deal

With the right advertising and approach this is easily the next big thing on the internet.

Use of financing

I need investment for everything from equipment to salaries, an office space and running costs... Even to get the business plan made properly by a professional I need money.

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