Pharmaceutical Distribution Expansion

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

This EOI is for fulfilling the funding requirements of a Pharmaceutical Distribution Company offering one of the largest distribution networks in the South Punjab Region in Pakistan.

We are a well established pharmaceutical company in Southern Punjab Region urgently seeking funding sources to strengthen our network and sales.

With a golden opportunity to invest in a profit making healthcare industry business and a confirmed ROI of 15% annually in a recession hit investment period, we are absolutely confirmed that it will be a win-win position and a long term establishment of relationship with our prospective partners.

Critically, we have been operating in the market for 3 years now. With ample reputation of the market and run by a team comprising of an ex-pharmaceutical sales manager having 12 years of market experience, an ex-banker and technology professional with 10 years of market experience and advisory of a credit risk manager, our investment pattern is secure and better organized than many others.

Our potential investing partner will be able to seize higher profits in the recession hit world economic downturn. As healthcare, being the basic necessity, has not been troubled by this problem, we seek to strengthen our partnerships for future growth of our network to further south of Punjab and boarding more marketing companies on our platform.

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