Custom Wood Gifts Shop Looking for Start-Up Investment

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Country: Pakistan Pakistan
  • Industry: Manufacturing
  • Stage: Start-up
  • Investment size: $20,000 / min. $10,000
  • Type of investment: Debt, Equity

Investment Opportunity

Custom Wood Gifts is a privately owned specialty gift store located in the P.E.C.H.S Society. It specializes in a variety of unique gifts ranging from specialty wooden gifts and personalized key chains to specialty handcrafted gifts and customized wooden gift items. We are at the start-up stage and are looking for an investor to help us grow.

What started out as a hobby for us soon evolved into a promising business venture. After meeting through a mutual friend we, the principal owners of the company, realized that we share similar interests and a similar hobby. We began designing key chains and other creative wood-made items for our loved ones for free, using our own money to produce these products. Family and friends soon became very interested in actually purchasing these items.

Over the years, we have invested our time and money to conduct the necessary primary market research by marketing our new gift items to the public which resulted in tremendous interest and responses.

Before Custom Wood Gifts's Grand Opening we will establish a company website. Three months after launch we plan to break-even, and in 4th month, we plan to generate a moderate profit. Some future growth plans for Custom Wood Gifts include: physically expanding the location to include the 2nd level of our work unit; broadening our unique product line; hiring individuals to sale our products on commission basis; developing and implementing e-commerce to our existing website in one year.

Our objectives are as follows:
• Generate sales to establish a reasonable profit at the end of each month.
• Implement e-commerce capabilities to company website in 6 months.
• Sell our products through other well recognized forum like,,,,
• Establish an annual growth rate of approximately 100% in year first.

Product pricing structures will be based on cost-plus and competitive pricing. Cost-plus pricing is basing the price on the basis of all costs plus a mark-up. Our mark-up cost is 300%. All orders will require a 35% deposit upon receiving final shipment. For bulk orders, a 35% deposit is required and a 15% discount will be given to customers. Gift items charges will be determined by the particular requirements of individual projects.

Competitive Advantage

Custom Wood Gifts is a specialty in handmade gift items like wooden key chains; wooden gift cards and specializes in "one-of-a-kind" gifts not commonly found in the larger retail market. We are dedicated to providing customers exceptional customer service in a visibly relaxing and engaging shopping environment. Our mission is to provide customers with unique, high-quality gifts at affordable prices.

Use of financing

We need capital to open and functionally operate the gift store. We will use the funding to provide for Rent, Advertising, Delivery Costs, Utilities, Wood, Saw Machines and salaries for 2 Assistants and a Salesman.

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