Expansion of Existing Profitable Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Project

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Our company specializes in the production of Pharmaceuticals related to Dialysis since 1996. It is the pioneer in the area and is profitable since the very first year. It has multiple international quality certifications and is exporting to several countries. We want to sell 30% shares only in order to expand the existing profitable business. All the certified Financials will be available to Investor along with invitation to visit the Manufacturing facility. There is a huge potential of growth in our field.

There is ever-increasing number of Kidney patients in the world. For example as the awareness and technology is expanding in third-world countries these is increase up to 20% per annum in the number of Dialysis patients and the growth rate in the dialysis disposables industry is estimated to be 25-30% per annum.

Our manufacturing facility in Pakistan started in 1996. It specializes and pioneers in the production of dialysis products out of its own research. Our products are produced using highest international quality standards exemplified by the number of international Quality certifications we currently hold. Our Company is officially registered in UK & Pakistan and we have free-sale-certificate for Europe.

Our company produces quality-to-cost ratio, which any local or multinational companies can hardly match. It also distinctly addresses patients’ needs by producing customized formulations apart from 24/7 online Clinical and technical support, not a feature of other such companies.

Our Company is currently exporting to several countries and is also in active negotiations with several more countries, spectrum ranging from Nepal to Russia and Kenya to Columbia due to its distinct edge over competitors.

Apart from clear financial gains to us from the first year of production onwards our products are proving to be uniquely helpful in saving more kidney patients in third world countries offering better quality of life at lower cost.

As demand for export is increasing and we want to produce several new products and manufacturing facility need to be expanded, we want Venture capitalist, or active investor to be involved in management also for selling 30% of our shares. We are a private Limited company registered with “Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan” and licensed by Ministry of Health.

Deloitte performed evaluation in the pat. New evaluation may be performed as per Investor’s will.

Our ultimate aim is to have the biggest share of our product in the Global market, especially third world countries, where more and more young kidney patients’ lives will be saved and improved due to a high quality treatment at significantly less cost.

Competitive Advantage

• Producing highest quality of products with multiply international quality certifications at lowest possible cost due to lower cost of labour and investment, hence offering the highest Quality-to-Cost ratio in the world in dialysis speciality products
• Very strategic location, Pakistan, from export point of view
• Established brand name and goodwill
• At the top in major Search Engines. Website in four languages
• Strongest feature of company: Innovations through R&D
• Already exporting to several countries.

Rationale for the deal

Our company is profitable from the very first year of production and always remained so as the pioneer in its products and market leader in the area. There are a number of new similar products to be developed (mostly in pipeline) and hence Investment is required for expansion.

Through expansion the newer products have an excellent chance for sale in local and Asian/African market, as the European products are 2-3 times more expensive.

Use of financing

For expansion of existing profitable manufacturing facility in order to increase the production and introduction of new sections and products with established demands in Asia & Africa and Central/Latin American countries.

Interested investors can establish contact with us on Merar.

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