Developing Web Portal for the Trainers

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

As we know we have thousands of good trainers available in market and very few have their own presence on web, other may use email marketing or social networking tool like Facebook. We can develop a system for the trainers with their personalized pages to add their training calender, training material, online registration and feedback and reviews.

Basically the basic of this project is to provide single platform for the trainers to maintain their portfolio about the training that they are already conducted as well future training sessions. We have two basic users of this system on is the trainer and other one are user who interested to avail the training. Not only this with this platform the trainers can manage their course material so the users can download it as well, user can do registration online, trainers & users knows who is coming to attend the training, online feedback and rating so the users knows and compare the quality. This platform provide advanced searching so the user can easily find the interested training session and also share it to other social networks.

I think in start we will give like one month free membership to the trainers and than for advanced feature or to display on front page we can define minimum fees. i think in a year we can start earning from this project.

The opportunity for the investor is like currently not a single platform like this available on internet so this is the edge for us to execute this as quick as we can, I think if we have funding the total development is like 6-8 weeks and rest is the marketing strategy that will discuss later on.

Competitive Advantage

Off course we have advantage because these days people are using facebook for this purpose and you know facebook is very generalized not specific for the trainers so we can very specific for the trainers so user and trainers both can enjoy using this system.

Rationale for the deal

There are two basic purpose of this project. First one is to give a unique system to the users of internet who really need this system currently, and offcourse every system pay backs if we have good marketing strategy. I am sure we can generate good amount of revenue like from Feature Training, Membership, Advertisement etc.

Use of financing

We need investment for three reasons:

1. To develop a system we need a human resource and have to pay for it so we can have system with full control on source.

2. The system should be deployed on server so we need a good hosting and domain service for it.

3. The most important and necessary is marketing, we need to utilized local as well as internet search engine for market this project in start, than our user automatically start marketing because every trainer has its own webpage with us.

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