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My idea is to create my own venture investment company. The difference is that in other cases projects or ideas go to investors. Whereas i already have pointed out some projects and businesses, that are full of potential, that are on the verge of shutting down just due to lack of financing or good management.

In Pakistan, the majority of businessmen are illiterate ranging from small and medium businesses to even large businesses. Many of them are on the verge of shutting down just because the don't know how to manage well there business or don't have such experience in hiring people or don't know how to use the latest techniques available to expand their business and maximize their profit as well like e- marketing, tele-marketing ,using print and electronic media for an advertising boost.

Me, being a professional, having an MBA degree in Finance well equipped with knowledge of latest tactics of promoting business, experience of controlling and making the management more efficient and making the business more productive and in result making profit. Helping them will not be free, of course, I need capital and in return I will have an agreement with the owner of the business that 40% of profit will be mine from which i will pay my investor and myself.

This agreement will be for 5 years and after 5 years I will take us out from the business. The opportunity for the investor is that there is a big cluster of such weak businesses that can be taken to boom with the help of financing and good handling that can and will create huge profits. The investor can cut a deal with me after viewing the potential of the business that can give him limitless profits. The cash payback will be done in the 5 years and the owner will pay us back through installments from its share of 60%.

The initial investment I wrote is to obtain a license for venture capital investment from SECP Pakistan. that puts a condition that the company must have a 5 million rs as paid up capital and the rest for the preliminary expenses. The other condition is that the controller or chief executive of the company must have a sound knowledge of business. That- I have.

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