Import of Paper and Machinery from China to Pakistan

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Here in Pakistan importing paper and machinery is a very attractive business. I have discussed the opportunity with many suppliers of paper products and machinery in China. If I get the investment we can start the import with one mix container of various paper products and machinery items.

This is a printing press business running for 15 years. We are a manufacturing company providing products and services to clients for all stationery needs. After getting familiar with a big survey on the market in Pakistan and the supply in China I realized how feasible and profitable the import business is.

The profit margin is around 30 per cent and the cash payback is about 2 months for one complete import transaction.

To cover the risk factor we can start with importing regular paper products like offset paper of different weight. I have an offer from China to become agent of one printing machine manufacturing company, so that we can import machines from them too. In this case the profit per machine profit will be about $500.

Opportunity for the investor

I am open to different types of deals - it depends on the investor's preferences. If the investor is willing to work with me I am agreed, if they are interested in investing only it’s ok as well. In simple words, I am flexible and respect values.

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