Expansion of a Mushroom Production Setup in the Philippines

We are seeking equity investors for the expansion of our mushroom production. 25% annual net profit. One year payback period.

Large Scale Aquaculture Farm for Grouper & Abalone in Philippines

My plan is to build a large scale seafood farm, farming high end species such as Grouper and Abalone. This will be exported live to the HK and China markets.

Small Scale Mining Project in the Philippines

The Philippines are rich in mineral resources such as copper, chromite, manganese, iron ore, etc. We have done intensive study of mineral availability in Philippines and are dev...

Coconut Products Factory in the Philippines

We will make a coconut products factory. We will produce coco peat, coco fibre, coconut juice, coco charcoal, coco shell, sell copra and get copra meal. We buy whole coconuts an...

Business Support Company Seeks Funding to Raise Competitiveness

Offshore outsourcing solutions provider located in the Philippines providing business phone support. Funding is needed to strengthen and grow the business.