BIO Oil from Tree, Fast Growing and Revenue Guaranty

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Our oil can be use in many way, biodiesel, cosmetic, food supplement, medecine.

My name is Yann De Oliveira.
I'm French, 34 years old, married to a Filipina.

We would like to open a BIO business in Philippines.

We want to do plantation in Philippines, to produce oil.
This oil can be use for many things, bio diesel, food supplement...

We are looking for an investor.Who just want to invest in BIO BUSINESS, or who have also connection people for sale our oil too. Both is OK.

Or a company who use BIO oil, who would like to invest, but not taking care of anything. Just to get the oil at a cheaper price.

We are ready, we find the land, people, laboratories, and 2 clients.

They are waiting for us to start, so we are in a rush now.

The investment, is not to big for the begining, we just need U$50.000 to U$60.000.

-To buy the land
-To buy the seedling
-To buy tools
-To buy the machine to extract the oil
-To build a warehouse

This is the basic we need to start.

Interested investors can contact us on Merar for more information.

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