Mushroom Farming and other Agriculture Products

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

This small family business now aiming to get additional funding to be able to support the growing demands locally. Investment Purposes: To buy and develop lot/land into farm for production and livestock keeping; For Additional Products in farming and Livestocks; For additional stocks and supplies.


* MUSHROOM is our top product and is now supplied regularly in local market/distributor. Aiming to improve the production to be able to penetrate International Market.
* PIGGERY- Series of small keeping session has been done and proven to be one of most quiet profitable business.
* POULTRY- Small practices has been observed with satisfaction.
* GOAT RAISING- Of course this one is easy-to-go venture, less feeds and is another source of healthy profit.


* GINGER another farming I am eyeing in as target project considering as I have few contacts of distributor/supplier of this one.

*RICE,BANANA, CASSAVA, LANZONES, CORN, COCO, PEANUTs, AND ETC...-Unbeatable when it comes to market status but requires spacious fields in order to bring out the best harvest-

* CARABAO & COW RAISING-This very high profile line of raising is the most capital-eater among them, but of course it is also profit-bearer and most sustainable business to keep, Good for Local and International Market.

Competitive Advantage

Being a person of agriculture, grown up in this field, I’ve seen how this circle can stay without slipping into my hand at a preferred time and place.

Academic knowledge into this field are so necessary but, actual knowledge and experience made it last.

I do not ask for a much higher Investment, Trial one is accepted.

Sustainability is no question with my choice of field, in agriculture field, focused and support is a must. It is my duty to stay focused and Support will be on my future Investor.

Rationale for the deal

I’d seen success as others do when it comes to agriculture-business, Only, the things is I do not possessed enough capital to fully support it.

The harvest is regularly pick-up by my contacts (local supplier/distributors)I do not need to go out and deliver my products.

Use of financing

Again, the purpose of this Investment have been said LOUD AND CLEAR,as above-mentioned.

OFFERED REPAYMENT- Offered in a short term basis from 6 up to 24 months repayment in monthly pay-out scheme of:

Capital + Earned Interest
Earned Interest only

* Advance Earned Interest- First month payment to be deduct upon release of Investment.(But getting a full proceeds without any deductions is a lot much better);
* Repayment will be in a monthly basis.

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