Micro Finance Business Investment Opportunity in the Philippines

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

The business will offer short term micro loans to working class Filipinos utilizing an effective 15% interest out strategy payable by two pay periods within a month.

Target customers will be employees at the malls, groceries, restaurants, factories, contact centers, as well as office staff and government employees.
A detailed business plan is availabe upon request.

Competitive Advantage

During the initial stages, direct competitors will be employees’ cooperatives and individual small scale loan operators. These competitors have limited capital and schedule their loan release contingent on their collection.

Key Advantages over Competitors:

• Capitalization
• Fast cash transaction
• Efficient system
• Customer orientation

The business will have strategic partnerships with manpower and staffing agencies to secure a sustainable market.

Once the business operations are stabilized, the company will immediately launch two funds under the umbrella of the business that will be offered to investors (online): a micro finance fund – a viable guaranteed return fixed term investments, and an open ended fund dedicated for alternative investments.

Rationale for the deal

My wife and I started a small micro finance from our savings and have local insights and technical know-how on the business. We have an existing customer base that is sufficient for a head start.

Recognizing the huge market demand and potential for growth of the industry combined with my comprehensive background in financial/wealth management, I am determined to take the idea into a corporate business.

Private lending companies mostly owned by foreign nationals are making double digit returns but are focused on SME's and car/motorcycle financing.

Use of financing

Funding will be used for start-up expenses and revolving capital for the business.

Proposed Funding Schedule:

USD 50000 on set-up and initial stages of operations
USD 50000 after two months of operations

Opportunity for the investor

I am seeking for a silent business partner who can fund a seed capital of USD100k.

Arrangements are open may it be a debt or equity investment. Please request the business plan, review it and make your offer and we will work it out.

The business is capable of starting paying on its 9th month of operations and can guarantee your returns of 20% net returns per annum. Request for business plan..

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