Business Consulting to Entrepreneurs and Investors in Asia

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

This consultancy business will contribute to economic growth, poverty reduction, job creation, investment fostering in developing countries in Asia (mostly South Asia).

1. Products / Consulting service areas

a. Improvement
b. Analysis
c. Marketing
d. Accounting
e. Funding
f. Asset management
g. Investment
h. Loan (Debt)
i. Planning
j. Establishment
k. Business match up
l. Other various advice for business

2. Project Outline

This business will operate in Asia (mostly South Asia). We have been into operations, helping other businesses, making researches and connections in Asia for 8 years. We have also established connections to agents, investors, lenders, and companies worldwide. We have been receiving requests from many entrepreneurs and companies, including such from developing countries. Therefore we are sure that our consulting service has great potential.

We can provide sophisticated support to the entrepreneurs and companies who are entering into the Asian market. We have experience with Japanese companies entering the South Asian market. Our advice is based on business, technology and local market knowledge. We can also offer support to entrepreneurs from developing countries, and help them improve their performance in their domestic market.

The headquarters of this business are located in the Republic of Philippines. The decision is based on the following reasons: There are many people with good English knowledge here. Costs and expenses are loq. Philippines is an off-shore country. It is a country in South Asia, in good trade relations with Japan. There are many overseas investments in the country we are related to. We consider this business also a duty and mission of advanced nations.

3. Project Background

From all the Asian countries only Japan is acknowledged as a real advanced nation. China and South Korea accomplished growth in recent years but many still unstable elements are evident. The countries in South Asia are still developing countries. In fact, Asian nations are supported by ODA, etc. of Japan. However, a lot of business opportunities exist in Asian nations. The progress of the countries in South Asia is increasing in recent years, and many entrepreneurs and companies are identifying new business opportunities.

Obviously, there are specific features, language, customs, people, etc. in each country. And, Governmental requirements, investment criteria, and industry performances vary across countries. Therefore, a consultant who can support the progress of an entrepreneur or a company is certainly necessary.

There are many consultants in Asia. However, there are very few consultants who can provide multiple and global service. What is more, a consultant who understands and uses the knowledge and technology of advanced nations does not exist. We would like to catch a sight with which entrepreneurs and companies are successful and pleased. It is a consultant’s mission and raison d’etre. Additionally, we will foster to technology tie-up and investment promotions between advanced nations and developing countries, which will contributed to job boost, poverty reduction, and economic growth.

4. Management concept and policy

Our business contributes to various problems in the developing world and coexists in peace and prosperity with society. We will help entrepreneurs and companies who want to make business in developing countries in Asia. It is duty and mission of advance nations towards developing countries.

Competitive Advantage

We have a long experience in the market and, honestly, we never see remarkable consultants who have good skill, experience, and connections in Asia. Many consultants of high academic achievements or work experience in major companies do exist, but they are only paper theorists. Important is experience in the actual business within the specific market, as well as connections.

We have business and technology knowledge and skill associated with Japan for 16 years and we have 8 years experience in Japan and South Asia. And, we have connections in Asia and worldwide. Mostly, Our service is actually provided with it being as efficient as practical based on experience in the actual business.

Rationale for the deal

A lot of people and companies are looking forward to investing in developing countries. A lot of people and companies want to make business in developing countries, including ones from developing countries. We already have clients and are now working with them. And, a lot of people and companies (especially from Japan) are asking us if we can consult them. New clients will join continually.

Use of financing

In the case of minimum $20,000 investment:

• Office (small) establishment expenses (deposit, rent, fixtures, PC, stationary, books, etc.) - $6,000
• Staff employment (salary, outfit allowance, training cots, etc.) - $2,000 (3 months / 2 staff)
• Habitation expenses (deposit, rent, fixtures, living expenses, etc.) - $1,500
• Business registration expenses (deposit and apply to government, public office, etc.) - $1,200
• Travelling costs (airplane, train, taxi, etc. from Japan and Philippines and other countries) - $3,000 (2 – 3 visits)
• Circulating fund (3 – 6 months) - $6,300

Opportunity for the investor

By supporting this project the investor will have access to various business projects from many different countries. Therefore, we can offer various investment opportunities to investor's.

We can offer 3 - 5 repayment installments and 2 - 8 % interest rate.

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