Business Creation Hub for the Developing Countries (Philippines)

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Providing business consulting for entrepreneurs and established companies, offering investment opportunities for lenders, job creation and poverty reduction.

Project Outline
1. For entrepreneur, companies: Advice, planning, establishment, management, accounting, finance, marketing, improvement, analysis, etc.
2. For Investor/lender: Offer good Investment (lending) opportunity from various business (projects). Investment (lending) advice, asset management, etc.
3. For the developing country: To contribute for job creation, poverty reduction, economic growth, technology tie-up, supply of foreign capital, etc.

Project Background
To be honest, many organizations and individuals are doing donation in the developing countries. We also doing donation in the Philippines. The donation however is a temporary countermeasure. Donation doesn't come to fundamental poor solution. It is important to improve the income of the people. Kids will not need to became beggars and don’t have to go disposal ground, when parents have work and income.

Philippines have good potential of economic and business. And a lot of people have good business ideas and motivation. However, they don't have money and enough knowledge to make business. Government cannot do anything about it. Local bank level is low and negligence and cannot help entrepreneurs.

A lot of companies exist. However, they don't have enough knowledge, experience for solve problems and continue their business. A lot of consultant exist in Asia. They have enough knowledge about business. To be honest, everyone can be consultant if need only knowledge. Important is that real data, experience and connections.

Therefore, we want to make this project for many entrepreneurs who have good ideas and motivation in the Philippines and Asia. We want make this project for many exist companies who have problem and want advice and continue. We want make this project for investor (lender) who seeking good opportunity. We want make this project for Job creation, poverty reduction, economic growth, technology tie-up, supply of foreign capital to developing country.

Competitive Advantage

It's very simple that competitor not exist. We never see real consultant who have good skill, experience and connections in Asia. Many consultants of high academic achievement or major company exist, but they are only paper theories. Important is experience in actual business and connections.

We have knowledge and skill and technology of Japan in 17 years and we have experience in South Asia for 9 years. And, we have connection of Asia and the worldwide. Mostly our service is actually provided with it being as efficient as practical based on an experience in actual business.

Rationale for the deal

Through the business contributes to various problems in the developing country and coexists in peace and prosperity with society. And help entrepreneur and companies who want make business in Asia (developing country). It is duty and mission of advance nations to developing countries. And offer investment opportunity for investors.

Our business target (customer) is clear. It is entrepreneurs and companies who want to make business in Asia. We just provide realistic service to customer based on the experience. Our service reaches all that make and manage business by our various connections. Customer does not need ask to consultant when they have different problems.

Our custom development is simple. We can provide good service, and then Customer will introduce customer to us. And our connections (worldwide) always introduce customer to us. We do not need operating activities, advertising, etc.

Use of financing

Purpose of Finance (In the case of minimum $20,000 establishment)

• Office (small) establishment expenses (deposit, rent, fixtures, PC, stationary, books, etc.): $6,000
• Staff employment (salary, outfit allowance, training cots, etc.): $2,000 (3 months / 2 staff)
• Habitation expenses (deposit, rent, fixtures, living expenses, etc.): $1,500
• Business registration expenses (deposit and apply to government, public office, etc.)
• $1,200
• Travelling costs (airplane, train, taxi, etc. from Japan and Philippines and other countries): $3,000 (2 – 3 times travelling)
• Circulating fund (3 – 6 months): $6,300
• Total $20,000 (minimum)

Opportunity for the investor

In the case of $20,000 (minimum):
ROI: 1st year 89.75% / 2nd year 371.14% / 3rd year 600.11%

In the case of $100,000 (Maximum):
ROI: 1st year 17.95% / 2nd year 74.23% / 3rd year 120.02% / 4th year 162.97%

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