Invest in Battery Technology Project from the Philippines

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

A light dependent battery that can re-charge by its own. It can be put on a mobile gadget, house, cars or others like spaceships or many more.

New iLED Battery
• A Light Dependent battery that can re‐charge by its own
• An infinite charge of Battery that can put on our gadgets like cell phones, cars, and many more.
• This Technology can solve energy problems, and can open a lot of future opportunity on technological issues of human kind.

Target Costumer
• First target costumers are the cell phone manufacturers like Samsung, Apple and Microsoft Company. Because they made a lot of improvements on the aspect of using smart phones but it has a limited usage of battery charge and lot of people are facing a problem of having an empty or low Battery especially on their meeting.
• Second target is the Government Research facilities like NASA. Having an infinite charge of Battery and by producing enough Light Energy to create enough Energy, these idea can be used on improving the universal research that they do everyday. (These will be tackle on the future progress of this idea)
• Third target is the community - houses, their cars, and others.

The iLED Battery and Standard Battery
iLED Battery
• The product is a self‐charging battery so it means it has an infinite cycle of electricity current that can sustain a gadget for us to use longer and more efficient.
• Doesn't need any secondary battery cell for emergency use.
Standard Battery
• Standard Battery is not a self charging battery, this means that we only have a limited hours on using it then we need to re‐charge it again on standard out‐put where we charge our Phone, which means that we will leave the phone for a several minutes or hours and we can’t bring it with us.
• The Standard battery has a limited battery charge it means we need a power bank or a secondary battery that we can re‐place.

If the cell phone company grant out request by putting the iLED technology to their cell phones the iLED battery will earn - Lets say in every iLED we have 1$ then we have 1,966,514,816 in every year.

iPhone 6 + iLED battery
The Apple Company produces 6 Million units of iPhone 6, if the iLED battery is a part of iPhone 6 then we will sold 6 Million units of iLED.

Other use of iLED Battery is not just for smart phones but the iLED Battery can be used also on hybrid cars, homes, trains, and other things that needs electric energy power.

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