Equity Investment Needed in Fuel Saving Device Project in the Phil.

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

The firm's primary product is a fuel saving device. The descriptions of these component parts are classified top secret by the inventor, and cannot be identified.

Additional component parts are manufactured for the domestic and international automotive industry. These components are sold directly to the motorist users.

As a manufacturer, we face global competition for the fuel saving gadget-market industry. Other fuel saving devices are either attached to the fuel line to improve fuel vaporization or are attached to the intake manifold and simulate a turbo charger.

Our speed plus mileage enhancer is also attached to the intake manifold but because it contains a turbine and a catalyst inside the stainless steel casing does the following:

The turbine acts as a powerful turbo charger pushing the incoming air and fuel mixture for maximum entry in the combustion chamber before the intake valve closes.

Whereas the catalyst cleans the incoming air and completely vaporizes the fuel injector into the intake manifold before entering the combustion chamber.

The catalyst also cleans and expels the accumulated carbon deposits inside the combustion chambers thus getting the rated or maximum cubic inch displacement of the engine for maximum air and fuel entry and no wastages.

Together all these features (they are not found in other brands of fuel saving devices) results to less fuel wastages giving maximum engine performance and a higher fuel yield with less harmful emission.

As a manufacturer, we are adding new distributors to our team of partners all over the world! Company is looking for a new business or wants to add a new product to their present offer, they become distributor of fuel saving device in their area on exclusive or non-exclusive basis.

Target Market Segment Strategy

The company primarily focuses on its target market, the large commercial vehicles company, individual vehicles, trucking vehicles company, bus company through direct selling via its various relationship and referral networks. In addition, a significant amount of investment will be made in advertising to promote product awareness. Direct selling is far more effective in closing sales as well as in terms of sales and marketing costs.

The company uses the tool of product demonstrations at its site to close sales. Potential clients' travel costs to the company site for product demonstrations are covered by the company. Product demonstrations are a critical step in the sales process. This is the opportunity to prove the capabilities of our products, educate the potential client, and establish a relationship.

Competitive Advantage

We have designated one sales person to serve the private fuel saving market. This individual will establish regular calling schedules for our primary customers.

A key to the marketing of our products will be the direct involvement of the principals in establishing sound business relationships and the selling of our products.

Pricing of our "retail" products will be competitive. However, we feel that the quality of our products compared to that of our competition demands a 10 percent price premium. Therefore, we shall price our products slightly ahead of the competition.

Our competitive edge is its level of quality, product features and options, and the company's relationships with several major commercial vehicles companies nationwide.

Rationale for the deal

Regarding the CE and UL approvals, we want our product certified for safety regulations applicable in US and Europe. However, it may take time longer than our schedule and delay the production dates. Financial resource can make it happen on time and our backer support is essential.
The fuel saving device is a working prototype which we put in field tests and showed throughout the video and photos.

The result of the fuel saving device may vary from car to car. We found from our field test results that high mileage vehicle (>200,000) may be the cause of failure and are not recommend to install it on such vehicles. We appreciate your feedback so that we can improve the product continuously.

We have more than enough buffers in the delivery times for the components and tooling. Our manufacturer is ready for the fuel saving device production, assembly and testing. However, there is always a possibility that something goes wrong, for example, some tailor-made component or its delivery time can be changed. We were thinking about that from the start, so we redesign our product for manufacturability, also a second source for components and production is available.

Use of financing

We have completed the prototype and field test on various vehicles. We are ready to focus on intellectual properties protection, safety certification and manufacturing of the fuel saving device. A great product without safety certification is never complete and reliable. We have put all our resources into the research, design and prototyping, now we really need your help to make the fuel saving device a marketable product.

In addition, we need to pay the tooling and setup cost for mass production which makes the unit cost down to a profitable level. Our goal is USD 500000 which is necessary to make these happen. Our team has previous experience in manufacturing the fuel saving device assembly and have already established a relationship with suppliers. Once we get the funding, the manufacturing process will be a breeze.

Opportunity for the investor

Equity: 40% share (stockholder). But, we have some conditions:

1. We can manage and control the project 100%

2. We must report (progress, finance, management, etc.) to investor periodically

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