Goldmine Project in Philippines

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

The project is about an established goldmine producing approx. 200 tonnes of gold ore per month, resulting in production of approx. 6kg of gold per month. We are looking for investment to acquire equipment in order to increase production and efficiency of gold recovery. Land ownership and licences are already in place.

The company currently owns 7.5 hectares of land in the Southern Nueva Vicaya Province in the Municipality of Santa Fe, Philippines, for the purpose of Gold Ore Mining. In June 2011 SFECC commenced construction of the high grade gold copper Dawn Project located in Luzon, Northern Philippines. The project is expected to commission in Q2 2012. After further modification of the mine and the purchase of equipment, SFECC expects to mine approx. 200 tonnes of Gold Ore per month. This will yield approximately 204 ounces of pure gold, with a market price of $350,000.

The current shareholders have invested over $500,000, which has enabled land acquisition, civil works and equipment purchase. All the required licences have been applied for and issued. Further equipment and work on the mine shafts is required to improve efficiencies in both mining techniques and refining the gold ore.

This will be a 5 year project, with further sites available in due course.
The company has a stock pile of mined ore of approximately 300 tonnes which will yield a minimum 8.7kg valued at $520,000.

Use of financing

Civil Works needed: $85,000

a. Road/ track improvements, laying down gravel/ rock to prevent erosion during the rainy season.
b. Improve the working station/ platform by increasing in size and shoring up of surrounding banks.
c. Construction of a secure, large shed, with concrete position setting for the crusher/ belt feeds and hopper.
d. Further renovation to the existing dwelling.
e. Housing for workers
f. General site clean-up.
g. Channelling and filtering/ settling tanks for the pump water (pumped out of the mines)
h. As above for the water flow from the processing machinery as it washes out from the extractor, envisaged two large tanks at the working platform same costs/ arrangements as above.

Equipment needed: $389,000

a. Small Bulldozer and middle sized Backhoe $35,000.
b. 4 gensets 25 KVA at $12,000 each.
c. Surface (2) and submersible (5) pumps and accessories $20,000.
d. Mechanised winch (mine 1) $15,000.
e. Underground lighting 2 sets $5000
f. Air compressors and air hammers inc hoses/ accessories $30,000.
g. Miscellaneous tools $5,000.
h. 4 x 4 dumper $20,000.
i. 2 x pickups $20,000.
j. Processing equipment:
a. Crusher $12,000.
b. Belt Feeds $6000.
c. Hopper $8000.
d. Processing Plant estimated $60,000.
e. Shipping cost $10,000.
f. Customs and import duties etc. approx. $15,000.

Opportunity for the investor

We are looking for equity investment of $500,000 for 20% shareholding. We are looking for silent partner, with dividends being issued on a monthly basis.
Expected return on investment within 6 months.

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