Student Lounge Next to One of Cebu's Largest Universities

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

It has been my dream and plan to build a safe haven for stressed and troubled college students to unwind and talk out their problems.

We will provide them with food, games and the occasional guidance from experience mentors. The money will be used mostly to renovate the area into a positive thinking space.

In my country, college students are usually caught up with peer pressure, schooling and personal problems. Stressed and troubled student usually opt for drinking or smoking sessions to temporarily alleviate their problems.

These students then stray away from their education and even drop out of college to be bums. This has been an on-going problem in my society and it only takes a little push and some positive encouragement to put them on the right path.

It is my dream to build a place where students can come in the proposed student lounge to have them talk about their problems, be in a positive environment and even meet some new friends.

Despite it's very early stage of planning, I am confident that this place is where people will go for, instead of expensive internet cafes, unhygienic food cafes and small convenience-type stores to smoke cigarette and drink beer.

If all goes well, the ROI will be within three to four years, since students will be out during the summer and only a few are taking up summer classes.

Competitive Advantage

It is located right next to one of Cebu's biggest and well-populated university.

This is an idea where people would think is impossible because it takes too much time and money. Even if my competitors copy this idea and make it their own, they can't give our customer the quality care that they deserve.

They try to make profit out of their misery and we don't want the future of our country to be spoiled by local greedy businessmen.

Rationale for the deal

We make money by charging the clients for affordable food and services such as the one-on-one talks with mentors, affordable home-cooked food and our proposed $1 video games

Most businesses near this university are over-charging them and aren't even paying taxes. The idea we have is much simpler but the outcome is complex to a point that it becomes a good and effective result of our mentoring.

Use of financing

As I have mentioned, the money will partly be used for equipment, but mostly for the renovation of an old and decrepit office, into a chic and comfortable positive environment.

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