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Give access to those who does not own their own computers. Help them communicate their loved ones through the use of my Computer shop. I am looking for investor to help me develop it.


• User does not require own system to access Internet
• Easy access to local facilities
• Felix - time working from home


• Security is low
• High cost for regular usage
• Data is not secure
• Promote crime to an area
• Limited features
• Slow network speeds

This is a basic list of the advantages and disadvantages. Sadly you will not be able to find this information on the Internet as it really is common sense and general ideas.

There is no right and wrong answer so anything that you can think of can be applied.

Internet cafés have great potential in high traffic public places - such as shopping malls, cafés, gaming centres, social clubs, recreational & training centres - and also in areas where a lot of expatriates, who don’t have their own internet connection and computer, live.

A choice of faster connections
Single flat monthly rate regardless of the number of PCs connected
Owners and managers reap the benefits of these advantages by attracting customers and keeping them loyal

Better online gaming and video streaming experience
Users will be able to create online communities where they will interact, entertain and socialize
Surfers will have exceptionally rich navigation experience

eCafé is based on ADSL broadband technology
It provides high speed internet access

eCafé comes with a static IP address and unlimited data usage

It provides you a 24 hour, 7 days a week maintenance and repair service to keep your internet café always up and running

Participating cafes can take advantage of high-visibility, Etisalat signboards, provided free of charge

We have enhanced the eCafé packages. The former charging system - based on number of PCs connected - is replaced with a single flat rate per bandwidth. Furthermore, with the new packages, you have freedom to choose higher bandwidths; not only 512Kbps, but also 1Mbps, 2Mbps, 3Mbps and 4Mbps.
The internet café itself will charge the end-users for internet usage.

Installation Charges 1000

Device Charges 300
Router (up to 20 PC’s)

Investors can contact us to get more information.

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