Patient Records Management Software Company Looking for Investors

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

PatientRx is a patient records management software designed for doctors and clinic administrators. We need funding for licensing and testing the Mac version.

The software helps keeping track of patient records and features automated printing of prescription reports, income statements and a number of clinic reports. The software product license is to be sold on a per computer basis. Serial numbers / keys will be sent to each customer.

The target market comprises of doctors with clinics worldwide

The software is already developed. The website is also set up and has the capability to receive online purchases.

We still need funding for the continued development of additional product features, sales, advertising and marketing to increase the volume of sales worldwide.

We estimated the ROI to be in the range of 13% to 20% depending on the amount of shares / equity purchased with a payback period of one year.

Competitive Advantage

PatientRx is has the latest Java technology in the market.

It can be installed in Windows and Mac, PC or tablet.

Rationale for the deal

Our licenses are being sold at $199 to $299.

We only have one time development costs and we can have indefinite product sales.

After recovering the one time development costs there will be a 90% revenue margin for each license sold.

Use of financing

The Mac version of PatientRx will require licensing and a number of testing. We need funding for these activities.

Downloadable apps at both Windows and Ipad markets are very on-demand these days. Such products are worth the investment.

Opportunity for the investor

We have an experienced management team in place and you can see the product output at our website.

We are looking for angel investors who can help us implement projects through funding.

We are offering equity participation of up to 20% company ownership to the investor.

Aside from PatientRx, we have other projects such as Zolarbox (an e-commerce site for solar electronics) and CondoSharing.

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