Independent Publisher Looking for Additional Funding for a Magazine

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Funding is needed for brand marketing investment project for the Ironpinoy leisure magazine and gym. We will venture into media, websites and events.

I am independent publisher looking for additional funding for the Ironpinoy Magazine and Activepinoy Magazine and Ironpinoy gym. Its a fitness lifestyle and leisure magazine geared for the local and internatioanl Philippine Market.

The brand Ironpinoy has been known althoughout the Philippines and it has been operating for 10 years as micro business. It has helped in the propagation of and dessimination of fitness in all classes.

I am now looking to make it more bigger and profitable through proper funding. ROI is expected at 70-100% in the first year.

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Genuine investors on Merar can contact me for more information.

Competitive Advantage

We have been promoting fitness for more than 10 years and our brand is already known.

Use of financing

Financing will be used to expand and create more brands.

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