Filipino Inn: A Chain of 10 Inns / Annex Condominiums

Opportunity Snapshot

Conceptual drawing of Filipino Inn

Investment Opportunity

Filipino Inn is the landmark name of the Project which consists of 10 inns located all around the Philippines. Each location is to be developed into lush subdivisions: a 4 storey building to be served as Inn, and adjacent to the Inn there will be 10 4-storey condominiums for housing.

1. Our company
Our corporation was established in 1989 and registered with the Security Exchange Commission in the Philippines. Initial authorized stock was 2 Million Pesos (approx. $50,000). Presently our corporation has a paid up capital of 20 Million Pesos (approx. $500,000) and an asset of 100 Million Pesos (approx. $2,500,000). The company Net Worth is about 50 Million Pesos (approx. $1,200,000).
Our first projects consisted of 4 medium-cost housing projects at 4 different locations in Metro Manila.

Currently we are running a housing project in a subdivision, an upscale housing project in a high end subdivision and another project in a medium scale subdivision. Recently the company has acquired commercial property in a high end district in Metro Manila for its semi-resort and rental business, and another property for a housing project.

2. Our proposed investment project
Our corporation tends to expand its business of operation with the possibility of incorporating commercial rentals, resorts and inns on its planned business venture.

Filipino Inn is the landmark name of the Project which consists of 10 inns located all around the Philippines (Bohol, Palawan, Boracay, Cebu, Pasig, Zambales, Laguna, Cagayan, Davao and Surigao). Each location is to be developed into lush subdivisions where most are in vertical transit: a 4-storey building which will be used as an inn and 10 4-storey buildings designed for housing or vacation rentals.

Filipino Inn will be present at each location serving the needs of clients, mainly tourists from Europe, USA, Korea, Japan, as well as local tourists.

The company’s experience in property selling with the consideration of its vast network of marketing, as well as its experience in management of Inns and Resorts enables it to go for condominium selling.

As a developer and planner, our corporation paves the way to a new era of industry expanding its network and a call for progress and development.

3. Total Project Cost
Php 2,000,000,000 (approx. $50,000,000)

4, Time Table
Total time table of the 10 inns: 5 to 10 years.

5. Funding Required:
Php 1,000,000,000 (approx. $25,000,000)

6. Target Investors
Any investment groups (real estate, hotel developers, etc.) can submit their proposals. Also, individual investors (ownership condo) can apply for purchase of a condo in the preconstruction phase. Return of investment can be discussed in form of percentage or participation in the new corporation to be formed.

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