Cellphone & Television Repair and Internet Cafe Business

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Country: Philippines Philippines
  • Industry: Retail Trade
  • Stage: Seed
  • Investment size: $140,000 / min. $140,000
  • Type of investment: Debt

Investment Opportunity

Starting a Cellphone & Television repair business, selling cellphone accessories and an Internet cafe in the Philippines.

Here in my city cellphone & television repair, selling cellphone accessories and internet cafe are in demand nowadays and I believe in the future too that's why I want to expand with the help of course with the investor for I don't have capital. I've already done with my feasibility study.

The name of the company I will start is going to be MR.CELLPHONE. It will be a new company that will serve high quality services to its clients. The company will sell only genuine products for safety and customer satisfaction when it comes to cellphone and television repair.

MR.CELLPHONE’s Internet cafe will allow children under 12 years old from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. only Monday to Friday. I do believe children under 12 year old should be guided well in using Internet.

MR.CELLPHONE is not only after in profit but also guiding the children to have good values. And for teenagers and adults no Pornography for this is violation in the law of man and most in God.

Here in Philippines this kind of business is in demand but unfortunately the entrepreneurs here don't have capital to expand their business. I do believe cellphone and television repair, selling cellphone accessories, and Internet cafe will be more in demand in the future for I had already done my feasibility study.

MR.CELLPHONE in first year operations plans on breaking even. In years two and three the company will become more profitable as contracts and clients increase and as the company learns to become more efficient in operations.

The start-up capital 70,000 USD and these includes computers, fast internet connection, tables and chairs for computers, a fire extinguisher, a surveillance camera, a power generator, space renovation, space rental deposit and advance payment, hundreds of cellphone accessories and parts, installation of internet lines, business permit.

MR.CELLPHONE will be known in the future as one of the successful companies for I will run the company personally.

Competitive Advantage

MR.CELLPHONE has a competitive advantage because our company has lots of earning ways like Cellphone&Television repair, selling cellphone accessories and Internet cafe. Entrepreneurs here don't have capital that's why they can't expand.

Rationale for the deal

I have a big knowledge in this kind of business for I am a cellphone technician for almost six years. MR.CELLPHONE will take advantage for having high quality to serve the clients for I will run the business personally to insure the satisfaction of the clients. I do believe satisfaction of clients will bring the company more profits.

Use of financing

100 units computers, tables and chairs for computers, space rental down payment and deposit, Internet connection, 1 power generator, 1 surveillance camera, 2 unit air conditioned, space renovation, cellphone accessories, hundreds of batteries, cellphones parts like speaker, buzzer, microphone, LCD and flex, gadgets for Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Nokia and Samsung for cellphone programming, business permit and other license.

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