Investment Project to Produce Ballistic Protection Technology

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Country: Philippines Philippines
  • Industry: Technologies
  • Stage: Expansion/Growth
  • Investment size: $995,000 / min. $495,000
  • Type of investment: Equity

Investment Opportunity

We are looking for a local investor and partner in the Philippines, who could also be an active, professional partner with distribution channels.

I am an engineer specializing in ballistics and armor protection. I have spent the majority of my career in this field. Beginning in 2004, I set out to find a “low-cost” solution to the growing demand for armor protection and security throughout Latin America and other parts of the world. I compared my knowledge and testing with other materials currently available and in use and developed a product that has a useful life of 15 years for personal protection and 30 years for other applications such as auto, armored vehicle and buildings. This is in contrast to those products which are currently on the market that only have a useful life of 5-7 years. The product has been well received in Mexico, Guatemala, Ecuador, Colombia, Netherlands and Philippines. Now I am seeking funding to establish manufacturing and/or joint venture capability along with distributorships in Philippines and sales of products using my proprietary technology.

From the initial first generation (PolyTenex), I continued to develop a radical technological innovation that not only allows for the building of armor equipment at a very low cost, but easy to install using materials (SPTF) that are abundantly available. It provides a high-level of ballistics protection as well as protection from natural disasters such as hurricanes and tornadoes.

Some of the main attributes of the product made with this technology are: Long useful life, light weight, resistance to elements such as moisture and humidity, saline, and acid solutions. In addition to ballistics, it provides protection from cutting and high-impact devices of various types.

Project name:
Alternative low-cost armor technology

Commercial application:
Armor protection for body, vehicle, buildings and industrial use.

Items which the armor will protect against:
Small arms weapons, grenades, mines and splinter fragments from mines, earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes etc.

Business concept:
To establish manufacturing and/or joint venture capability along with distributorships in Philippines and sales of products using my proprietary technology.

Corporate structure:
Depending on the type of shareholders involved. Create an entity that will own the technology and license to companies in various countries. Provide funding for future development and investment. Establish the corporate structure in a location to maximize income and minimize taxes.

Project mission:
Rapidly begin production of armor protection products with an emphasis on body armor, architectural application and industrial use (anti punctures insoles)

Project vision:
Become a major supplier of armor protection products, initially, throughout South East Asia (plant in Manila) 2° Mexico – 3° Brazil – 4° Peru.
This is the big market for the low-cost ballistic products

Pricing coefficient: thus making the price 60% -70% lower than competition.

A company branch in Belize will own the armor technology. This company shall be responsible for the expansion of the corporate and licensing to companies in other countries. Charge royalties and commissions for sales companies own or outside the enterprise. Likewise, this company you fund strategic expansion and reserve of the corporate control.

A company branch in the Philippines will be the enterprise licensor of technology, B.A.T, property responsible for production, management, monitoring, supply, transport, national marketing and export of the production of armor, as well as the management of the relationship with the industrials Partners and suppliers in ……. Its activities include the adaptation, research and development of new products armor, obtaining certification and evaluation product life cycle.

Demand for the products:
You must use two portfolios of contacts with companies interested in purchasing or distribute products under different presentations. In addition, as the inventor of the technology, I have many years working on markets of armor and weaponry, so I have a broad knowledge of the market for the products of armor. My products were presented to and raised the interest of industrial Partners. In addition, 2 South American countries are concerned to negotiate a license production / Joint venture.

Competitive Advantage


The large corporations with global markets offering costly high-tech materials, mainly concentrated in high purchasing power (military and civilian) customers, purchasing on rare occasions. You will need to be attentive to the movements of these companies due to its importance in the global market of armor.

Differentiation to the other players in the market:
• Low-cost manufacturing and therefore low cost sales prices for massification market
• Ease and low cost of installation production line, which favors raiding the architectural market requiring of thousands of square meters of armor
• Availability of abundant raw material in many parts of the world. To this effect, I have standby agreements of exclusivity with producers for the preparation of the material under my strict specifications techniques
• The performance of the product to use in ballistic protection is better in terms of in cost and mechanical characteristics in application architecture, taking into account the equivalent level of protection ballistics
• Offering direct and relations with interest groups Fairs specializing in defense products (MILIPOL – LAAD – ASIAN SECURITY…..Etc.)

Rationale for the deal

Potential market:
It is a foregone and obvious conclusion that protection and security are in greater demand now than at any time during modern history. The reasons are self-evident. Global unrest and crime in all countries is growing rapidly and the ease of acquiring weapons and harmful materials has become a major challenge. Providing protection is, and will continue to be, in great demand to meet this challenge.

The factors that can limit the growth of the industry today and in the future is not decreased demand, but rather the increasing costs of equipment and shortage of available raw materials necessary for manufacture. This is precisely the reason i developed a low-cost, high-resistance product that will not be greatly affected by these factors.
Today, there is no ceiling on the potential dollar amount or the volume of demand for armor products for use in military, police, security entities and the architectural applications. My technology, in conjunction with strategic partners, is in a prime position to meet the demand.

The "low-cost" is not a fashion, and will not go away with the end of the economic crisis, is a market need and it is imperative to maintain that present each step evaluation of new development and/or application.

Opportunity for the investor

We are looking for a local investor and partner in the Philippines in PAC, who could also be an active, professional partner with distribution channels and/or contacts that would foster the business.

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