Highly Profitable Developing-World Eco Project in Trasportation

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

We have a 'green' device that has been 98%+ effective in 600+ installations and is very inexpensive. Our target is low-economy countries as they are not using ECUs.

The "Clean Turbo" device is installed on the pre-combustion side of ~any~ liquid fuel engine of any size. It works best on non-ECU-fitted engines.

The reason for the device is simply the following:

- Liquid fuel does NOT burn.
- It must be vaporized and blended inside the engine.
- Old injectors and carburetors do not vaporize the fuel properly.
- Unburned liquid fuel exiting the engine results in black smoke and Green House Gases.

The late, great racing icon, Mr. Carroll Shelby (designer of the Shelby Cobra) once told Mr. Renner, the project founder, that "vaporizing the fuel allows you to do more with less."

The "Clean Turbo" device uses incoming air in a unique way to vaporize the liquid fuel -- this then results in a much higher percentage of fuel burned and utilized as well as greatly reducing hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide in the exhaust. The "Clean Turbo" can do it simpler than Chevy, Honda, Mitsubishi, Diahatsu or Subaru currently do, and the "Clean Turbo" can do it as a retrofit for any age or size of engine.

The "Clean Turbo" has been tested to increase efficiency by the University of the Philippines, numerous Philippine LTO tests as well as multiple California smog tests and has reduced emissions 35-80% in these tests while increasing power and reducing consumption. Two of these are marketing points, one is a 'better for the world' point.

The average wholesale cost of the "Clean Turbo" device is approximately 15x that of the manufacturing cost, with packaging, yet it is still a very low-cost device that most low-economy area drivers can afford and all distributors can make a profit on.

Direct retail automotive, motorcycle and small trucking unit sales have started in the Philippines and owners are buying it up based on word-of-mouth and the successes with it.

If we can take 1/2 of 1% of the market share in the Philippines alone, the company will bring in USD650k. This is NOT hard to do.

If we can bring in 2.5% of the market share in the Philippines alone, the company will bring in USD3,250k. Thsi is also not hard to do -- especially with a product that people actually LIKE.

Competitive Advantage

The "Clean Turbo" does not restrict air at low, mid or high RPM ranges as our competitors do.

The "Clean Turbo" has been in R&D for 18 years with over 750 installations and holds a 95%+ success rate as stated by the users.

The "Clean Turbo" has been tested against four major competitor's devices in seven instances and was deemed more effective than the competitor by the original users, including a professional mechanic, each time.

The "Clean Turbo" is priced below the competition, is a one-install device, requires no maintenance, uses no moving parts, does not require being added to the fuel at every fillup and just plain works.

Rationale for the deal

The investor needs to realize that this is a chance on a business with a device that has proven to be highly effective, is in the right market at the right time and is an affordable bridge to future technology in reducing Green House Gases that will be of interest to many low-economy countries.

Countries around the world are demanding clean air even to the point of UK citizens threating to sue the UK enviromental agency for failing to do it's job.

The "Clean Turbo" can handle the problem FAST. An average 6-wheel truck install takes all of 2 minutes, and the result is obvious immediately.

Use of financing

The funds will cover SEC registration, the myriad of business licenses, Philippine gov't environmental testing and for the hiring of well experienced (foreign) administrative personnel for the main office to run the show.

Opportunity for the investor

The "Clean Turbo" has proven to work in non-high tech areas many times over, hence, with this business: the investor, our customers, the earth and we – all win.

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