Starting Up a Recycling Plant

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

The business idea is to produce products like furniture, handy craft, and garden tools from recycled materials. We will offer recycling for plastic, bottles, and soil fertilizers. We require funding for land to stock the materials and separate the waste, and for vehicles to collect the waste.

We are aiming to establish a recycling plant. The ROI period of this project will be about 2-4 years from its continual processing.

It is a very good business idea which will not only benefit you and your people but you can also lessen the waste accumulated in the area of land fills, and less waste means greener outcome.

The opportunity for the investor is to have the shares in moving condition and also refers to the sale of new high quality products made of low cost materials. The investor will also help unemployed people and contribute to cleaning the local area which we will be operating in. People are into the Green revolution and it will make big difference in the local and also the international market. The investors should invest not only for the price but also for the quality they will get, achieved in a process of testing and building progress in the preparation of the production.

Competitive Advantage

The direct line is processing recycle materials for the production of new products. We believe that our products have an advantage over the other competitors since we can modify the moldings and we will use high tech approach for the design. This success will not be repeated by our competitors as they can try to do the same but will never be able to ot as we do it in the way we make it.

Rationale for the deal

We have a vast variety of opportunities in this kind of business. Firstly, our product is not expensive but has high quality, and it will sell continually given the demand. I don't think that we are the first but in this situation we will try to have a different approach to the market. We will deliver satisfaction with our product to locals international buyers. Practicality and savers's choice products are very much on demand today.

Use of financing

We will use the funding to achieve a high standard of production processing, to make the products popular on the market, and to have more stability for accomplishing this project. In this situation it will take few months for the investment to start generating revenue and stabilize.

The instalment will start at 24 months from the start time for the investors handed this funding. This time will be used to separate the finance which will be used in a rollover cycle fund, and the remaining for net will be the payment for invested funds every month until the investment fund is fully paid.

The bright side of this is that the investor can have a business even when the payment is full and this can benefit all.

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