Investment Project for Pure Coconut Organic Soaps Wholesale & Retail

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Country: Philippines Philippines
  • Industry: Wholesales Trade
  • Stage: Expansion/Growth
  • Investment size: $120,000 / min. $80,000
  • Type of investment: Debt

Investment Opportunity

We would like to distribute this fantastic soap formula invention locally and abroad via wholesale, retail and online. The soaps are made of pure coconut oil.

Ramica Organic Soaps are patented formulation which has 4 variants namely:

MAGICA, for all kinds of body odour from head to toe. It is also for oily skin with pimples and acne. The lather can be applied on skin like lotion for mosquito repellant, insect bites and mild wound. It can aso be used as toothpaste for badbreath and gingivitis. MOISTURIZING, is for normal to dry skin. It is effective for wrinkles, blemishes and lather can be applied to warts, no need for cauterization.

They don' t have perfumes or artificial ingredients. It is so safe that it can be used as toothpaste for badbreath and gingivitis.

MILD, is for sensitive skin like babies. SCALP, is soap for scalp for dandruff, falling hair and smelly scalp. It can also be used as dog soap. What is good with these soaps, is that it has many functions. So, no need to buy deodorant, feminine wash, insect repellant and others. And the best thing, is that it is made from all natural extract ingredients of flowers, roots, leaves and uses 100% pure coconut oil as base.

We have been distributing these soaps since 2003 but only on a wholesale, small scale basis. Dealers get several dozens and sell it for themselves. But most of our patronizers are from the Metro.

We planned to put up an e-commerce website for the soaps which will have more access to be distributed nationwide as well as worldwide. In the website, visitors can have options to be consumers, dealers and business centres. As of now the inventory and marketing program for the site is being developed by my brother, who is a programmer. We have a very promising marketing plan because visitors not only enjoy the benefits of the soaps but can earn from it also. For interested dealers and affiliates, we have big discounts and rewards for those who will send back the packaging for recycling.

Aside from online marketing, we plan to offer a tie up distributorship with the biggest drugstore chain in the Philippines, which is Mercury Drugstore. However, for us to be accredited with them, they require some marketing budget through multi-media advertisements.

If additional funding will be in full, we would like to tap 3 of the biggest supermarkets in the Philippines, namely SM, Robinson's, Rustans and convenience stores like Mini-Stop and 7-Eleven.

We would like our investor/s to be more of a lender with the standard bank rates with real estate collateral if they would require. The Return of Investement for this project would be around maximum of 2 years.

We are more on distributions and not on manufaturing so there is not much overhead. We do not have warehouse rental nor lots of employees since we have distributors and business center franchisee, so these people are the ones who has storage, commercial space and employees requirements. Air21, our local courier and Fedex have pick-up services, so no need for delivery unless large quantity for supermarkets.

We would maintain around 3-5 employee to handle the online orders and distribution, our website and accounting.

I believe that we have unique and beneficial product, a good marketing and advertsing plan. We also give others an opportunity to do business and earn. In our 7 years of selling this product, we have not received any product return.

Investors can contact us on Merar.

Competitive Advantage

Our main advantage is our patented product, because it is uniquely formulated. There are companies who do organic soap, but not as unique and effective as ours especially the MAGICA with many uses

Rationale for the deal

Soap is an 80-100 Billion industry yearly which is manipulated by big companies with crappy products. We are offering an opportunity to be healthy, environmental friendly and business for others.

Use of financing

60% -supplies; 20%-marketing/advertising; 20%- operations. It would be great to receive the financing in full. We would have discounts for volume orders from suppliers and full blast operations.

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