South African Entrepreneur Looking for a Loan to Buy a Petrol Station

I am looking to purchase an existing petrol filling station and I need funding for the acquisition. The net profit of the station is ZAR 100.000.00 plus.

Investment Project in Food Preservation and Rural Development

We have designed and developed a container that prevents insect and rampants reaching the food or drinks contained inside.

Unique Advertising Trailers Business Looking for Start-Up Funding

The business plans to revolutionize mobile trailer advertising to the limit and set a high standard for competitors. $200,000 USD are needed at the start-up stage.

Opportunity to Invest in South Africa's Financial Services Market

Experienced finance professionals aiming to establish a financial services business that would focus on purpose specific lending to the mass market.

Sustainable Investment Opportunity in a Green Niche Market

The company will remove and recycle waste, sell the recycled materials and apply conservation and sustainable development programs.

Investment Needed for Medical Insurance Claims Processing Business

We need funding to buy start-up equipment, establish a call centre and pay for mobile application development. Our planned start date is 3rd March 2014.

Investment Needed for Distribution of Wasted Rock in Mine Industry

Funding will be used for: purchase 15 new trucks, 15 tipper trailers, 4 frontend loaders, maintenance van x2, purchasing of the site parking, paying salaries.

Investment in Exotic / Rare Wildlife Species of High Value

Investments now available for breeding of exotic and expensive game starting with Sable and Buffalo. Only 10 investors can be accommodated. 3 still available.

Investment of 25,000 USD Needed for Financial Trading Business

I am urgently in need of $25,000 or more as capital for my Financial Trading business. I am open and free to discuss the project with interested investors.

Opportunities in South Africa’s Coal Industry: Mine for Sale

The mine includes opencast mining and 2 underground mining operations with an approximate annual output of 3,200 kilo tonnes per annum (“ktpa”).

Retail Marketing Business Looking for Debt/Equity Investors to Expand

We need the funding to buy out the farm where the head office is kept on, and to expand the business. We will take any investor, hands-on or silent.

Looking for Partnership/ Funding in a Start-Up Horse Racing Company

The opportunity welcomes multiple investors with horse ownership interest and we will manage and insure the investment on behalf of the participating investor.

Investment Required for Development of a Shopping Centre/Mall

The project involves developing a shopping centre in a rural setting servicing a number of villages. The mall would host tenants - national and international brands.

Looking for Investor for a Technology Company in South Africa

Seed capital investment for a technology company that provides ICT products/services to Telcos and GSM companies in South Africa and Southern Africa.

Looking for Investment in Animal Farming in South Africa

The investor would be given a 15% shareholding as there would be a 70% ROI over years. If it is debt, we can offer 5.5% with a payback period of 5 years.

Investment Opportunity: Cattle Farm Project from South Africa

I need investment of USD$1,000,000.00 which is required for the farm, the starting cattle and the nessesary feeding and medicinefor cattle.

Funeral Service Businesses in Mpumalanga Looking for Investors

A business investment loan of $250,000 at 8% interest per annual and are payable monthly for 5 years, after the end of 5 years full amount of $250,000.

Pre-IPO Equity Investment - 45% Discount to DCF Value per Share

This is a publicly held, mining and energy company holding a portfolio of anthracite, coking and thermal coal assets in South Africa and Zimbabwe.

Online Financial Information Platform Targeting South African Market

I am looking to create a website with a database where you can search for comparative information on companies, the main focus being on supplying financial information.

Summer Camp & Game Reserve Investment Project

This is a project about a establishing a summer camp and a game reserve in South Africa. We don’t have a summer camp whereas both parents and children will love it if there is p...