Organic Farming Start-Up in South Africa

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

To produce organic vegetabels for export to Europe (melon, butter-nuts, watermelons, sweet potatoes, and later citrus).

My main focus would be to produce organic products like

* Melons
* Butternuts
* Watermelons
* Sweet potatoes
* Citrus

I want to do it organic because I am organic farmer with 10 years of experience.

I would be able to pay it back in 10 years.

The reason that makes this a good business idea is the fact that people always have to eat and to live healthier.
By doing this organic we could achieve this goal.

The opportunity for the investor is that he or she could see a return on their investment and also to help creating new job opportunities in South Africa because it is a very labour intensive industries.

Like i said everyone has to eat and everyone wants to be healthy.

I need to buy the land and start producing as soon as i can buy the land i can start planting immediately.

I just need the money to buy the land and some materials to start.

Competitive Advantage

I am already a organic farmer and have been exporting my fruit to Europe the last 10 years i have already clients in markets in Europe.

I believe that i have an advantage over competitors because i have been in the industries for 10 years and i have deal with the Europe market for this amount of years.

This advantage is sustainable because of the above.

Rationale for the deal

To create a healthier life style for people

Because i live in South Africa the cost of seed is not very expensive i can make n good turn over on the products and by exporting it also is a big advantage.

I do have indication that this market makes money.

Use of financing

The investment is needed to buy the land to produce the crop.

To give people a healthier live.

Because it is Farming I would like to pay it back in ten years with an installment per annum.

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