Producer of Units for Organic Foods Looking for Investor

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Country: South Africa South Africa
  • Industry: Agriculture
  • Stage: Expansion/Growth
  • Investment size: $5,000,000 / min. $500,000
  • Type of investment: Debt

Investment Opportunity

We have perfected a aquaponic's system that produce high quality and high volume organic vegetables and fish, in a small space of only 10 meters x 10 meters.

TCN4U offers our members two of the most important things in life:
• Health
• Wealth
Our product give our members access to healthy organic vegetable and fish at a very low price. We would be able to build these farms on small stands or even in the backyard of suburbs, which makes it easy and effortless for consumers to buy healthy low cost ORGANIC FOODS where it was never possible before.Also included in our business structure is a Networking Model. There are a lot of Network Marketing Companies out there BUT what makes us Unique and Successful is our Product and Compensation Plan.
Up to now we have built these models separate to perfect each, but we are currently working on our first combined Model of Micro Aquaponic City Farming.
This model will make it possible to produce quality nutrition food at a fraction of the price of normal farming, because:
• It can be set up in the middle of town, in the backyard of a house or on rooftops.
• We cut out the overheads of large farming properties.
• Make use of a lot less employees yet still creating job opportunities for our members and families.
• We cut out the middle man.
• We cut out ALL TRANSPORT costs.
• We use a lot less water and energy.
• Produce high quality and high volume food in a very small space of land or rooftops.
• The network marketing department create our client base, so we don’t have to source clients.
• Future Outlets will be available in each and every suburb and rural areas.
This model consists of two units:
• One of the units is Aquaponic Fish farming in a 6m x 3m shipping container, which produces a half ton of fish per month OR a 12m x 3m container that produce One ton of fish per month.
• The other unit is a 10m x 6m in size and produces Hydroponically grown organic vegetables and also includes our own designed mini Vertical farming units that gives an additional 6 time more production per square meter.
Inside the Hydroponic unit we have channels in which the plants roots are hanging in the water that are coming from the fish farm.
We build a grid of channels that actually forms a shelf (if I can put it that way). That shelf is 3.6m long and 1.8m high and host 864 plants.
Let’s say we plant Pepper (Green, yellow and red) the Pepper Plant produce an average of 14 Peppers per plant and gives us an average production of 12 096 peppers on a permanent bases because we are not season bounded.
If we sell our Highly Nutrition Organic Green Pepper at the same average price as our competitors (We compare it to NON organic products that are a lot cheaper than organic products) at R5, 50 per Pepper, that gives us an income of R66 528.00 on One single small shelf in our unit. (Yellow and Red peppers are almost double the price at our competitors and we grow them at the same price as the Green Pepper).
Company Plans Forward:
Our short term plans are to roll out 1 000 Agencies through South Africa within the next 12 months. This will be done through a marketing campaign and word of mouth through our current membership basis.
Our long term plan is to cross South African borders up in to Africa and all around the world. We already have inquiries from neighboring countries as they have huge challenge around food shortages.
Company has 4 different powerful Income Streams.

Competitive Advantage

As explained above, our advantages is so phenomenal (quality, all year round crop, no losses to our crops due to weather related issues, no transport costs and losses) that any competitors in the food industry will not be able to compare with us.

Our competitors will not be able to repeat our success because we have develop the technology ourselves, do the manufacturing ourselves and are not going to sell our units to the competitors.

Rationale for the deal

My opportunity in this business is the royalties that I eventually will make after this business is successful and duplicated all over the world.

My dream is to build our Micro Aquaponic Farms with this technology once our footprint is out there with these unique units. In the mean time I will earn a salary and build this business with all my previous experiences and knowledge.

Use of financing

Funding will be used to manufacture the next units for South Africa, the advertising campaign and company expenses to role this out. We will be generating income from day one.

We are also would like to do more rounds of financing for each country that we are rolling out. We are currently working with 52 counties in which we want to roll out as soon as we have the funding available.

Opportunity for the investor

The opportunity is in good diffidence on his or her investment, and I am open for discussion should the investor would like to get involved in the business itself.

Again we are open on the terms and periods in which the loan should be structured. Our suggesting repayment period should be over a 5 year term and the loan amount times 30% and then divided by the term. We are looking for a long term relationship.

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