Rare Game Breeding and Hunting Farm

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

We are an established Hunting Outfitter in South Africa. We are looking for an Investor to assist us with a Rare Game Breeding Project. ROI is +- 180% over a 4 year term and dividends will be payable annually. The investor will be offered 1st option to re-invest after the initial term. Forecasts / Projections / Business plan are available and will be provided to qualified investors.

Rare Game Breeding has shown exponential growth over the last 4 years in South Africa. Industry returns have doubled over the last year. Current Rare Game prices can be sourced from Vleissentraal on the web.

The project has FIXED Industry norms which cannot be inflated as such the forecasts available are accurate to within 2%.

ROI is pegged at b/n 160 - 180% with first option to re-invest after a 4 year term. Dividends are payable annually.

The Funding is required for the Breeding Premises and initial Breeding Stock. The Premises will also be used for International Hunters. We are an established Hunting Outfitter in SA with a regular clientele from the USA. We also have a booking Agent in the USA, who is a practicing attorney. The Breeding of Rare Game will initially assist in sustainable use of the land, for the first year; thereafter the Breeding Project will take over as the Primary revenue, due to the large returns.

A complete quality Business plan with Forecasts and Endorsements is available upon application.

Competitive Advantage

There are currently several Rare Game Breeders in the Country, and the demand for Rare Game Species far outweighs the current demand.

Please feel free to do an Internet search on current Rare Game Prices in South Africa.

Mostly demanded Rare Game includes:
• Sable
• Roan
• Cape Buffalo
• Black Impala

The current record Sales Price for a Cape Buffalo was achieved 2 months ago - $2.5m!

Rationale for the deal

The Breeding projects are based on historically proven criteria, and as such cannot be inflated.

The Breeding Herd growth is based on very simple scientifically proven calculations that are used throughout the Industry

Use of financing

For initial Breeding Premises and Breeding Herd.

Opportunity for the investor

We are looking for a debt or equity Investor.

Investment repayment is a 4 year term, with dividends payable annually.

Estimated 1st Year return - $ 262K
Estimated 2nd Year return - $ 305K
Estimated 3rd year return - $ 395k
Estimated 4th year return - $ 700k

These are net returns.

The Investor will be given 1st option to re-invest after the period of 4 years.

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